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All About Association Of Business Executives (ABE)

Association Of Business Executives (ABE)

The Association Of Business Executives ABE has a distinguished history and an excellent worldwide reputation. These qualifications are designed to give you the best opportunity to reach your full potential in your chosen career. A world of opportunity awaits you, and ABE can help you seize this opportunity and succeed.

Association Of Business Executives ABE is a professional membership body and examination board that offers the best business and management qualifications at certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and postgraduate diploma levels that are recognized around the world.

The Business Leaders Association was formed in 1973 to improve business education for new entrepreneurs in developing countries. Its qualifications are accredited in the UK by Ofqual and are studied by 50,000 students each year at over 400 universities around the world.

The Business Administration Program provides a professional qualification that can be used to prepare directly for a career in business or to gain better access to a range of professional qualifications and university degrees in the UK and other countries around the world.

The program provides students with an understanding of the theoretical issues currently associated with the study of business and a range of practical skills that will add value to potential employers.

The University of Greenwich has been accredited by ABE UK to provide vocational training. The main topics that run through the program include management, marketing, and human resources.

Why the Association Of Business Executives ABE?

ABE is the industry leader in providing high-quality business and management certifications at a reasonable price. In addition to being highly esteemed in and of itself, these credentials are also recognized by institutions all over the world for use in the latter stages of degree programs. The ABE Business Management Program is a very comprehensive and detailed program that covers all the knowledge and skills needed in today’s business practice. The program gives you an understanding of the theoretical issues involved in studying business and also helps you develop a range of practical skills that add value to employers.

ABE programs are available worldwide, meaning you can study in your home country and avoid the high cost of studying and living in the UK. Some of the continuing education agreements that ABE has with universities also allow you to study in your home country, giving you the ability to progress from an ABE to a degree without leaving your home.

ABE accredits universities around the world to offer ABE programs. These universities, numbering more than 500, must go through a rigorous accreditation application process that ensures they offer high standards of study and facilities.

ABE has an international network of over 50,000 students currently studying for an ABE qualification. We strive to support this network as much as possible and allow our students to interact through online forums such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as participate in events such as rallies and graduations.

ABE programs allow you to explore multiple areas of business management before deciding what you want to specialize in. All four ABE programs share common units, giving you the flexibility to transfer whenever you want.


Founded in 1973 as a non-profit organization, ABE aims to promote effective business industry management through research and practice in the field. As today’s market leader in cost-effective management training, their primary goal is simple: more effective managers.

The ABE award can lead to professional qualifications or higher education. Some students use it as a diagnostic tool to avoid early specialization; they may later decide to specialize in computer science, accounting, marketing, finance or human resources or any other study of their choice. For example, the ABE Advanced Diploma can be used as a pathway to the final year of a bachelor’s degree. With relevant work experience, this can also lead to an MBA course.

Association Of Business Executives ABE diplomas is valued internationally because:

1.     Professional

Our qualifications are designed to give you the skills you need to be successful in your management career.

2.     Accessible

ABE is a non-profit organization; We try to keep costs to a minimum. Our accelerated progression to degrees is usually much cheaper than traditional routes.

3.     Recognized

Our credentials are accepted by schools, universities, businesses, and governments all around the world in addition to certified regulatory authorities.

4.     Supported

You have access to a number of services as an ABE member that are intended to help your academic endeavours and improve your learning environment. Each ABE unit has its own curriculum, and we provide our institutions with extra top-notch learning materials to support them in providing excellent instruction.

5.     International

For more than 40 years, ABE scores have been used by students around the world.

6.     Tried

Our graduates speak for themselves – see their testimonials on our website. They work in a wide variety of industries and organizations. Many of them hold high positions or run their own successful businesses.

7.     Flexible

You can study full-time or part-time at your own pace. All our graduates bring experience in business management and offer you the opportunity to specialize in marketing or human resources.

8.     Great Way To College

ABE diplomas have credits that are accepted by universities around the world. ABE diploma holders can quickly transition to a course of study, meaning the cost of their education is dramatically reduced.

9.     Confession

Ofqual, the British government’s rating regulator in England, entirely regulates ABE. Internationally, Ofqual has a stellar reputation, and we are happy to uphold its exacting standards. You get an impartial assurance of its integrity and quality if you have an Ofqual brand grade.

Software Module of Association Of Business Executives (ABE)


  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Introduction to business
  • Introduction to Business Communication
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods

Diploma Part 1

  • Accounting
  • Business conversation
  • Economy
  • Organizational behaviour

Diploma Part 2

  • Human resources management
  • Management Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative methods
  • Principles of commercial law OR systems analysis

Interim Diploma

  • Corporative strategy
  • International Business
  • management organization
  • Corporate finance / Information resource management / Strategic human resource management
  • strategic marketing

Also, Know Professional opportunities

Upon graduation, students can apply to the college or career school of their choice to pursue a first degree, MBA, or other professional qualification. In some countries, you may be eligible for financing.

As a general rule, ABE diploma holders can enter the second year of study and advanced diploma holders can enter the last year of study. Students who drop out at this stage will still have valuable qualifications recognized by employers.

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