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All About Winter Solstice Candle Ritual

Candle Ritual – Consider doing a simple candle ceremony if you’re searching for a quick and easy method to feel the winter solstice’s mysterious power.

Despite the simplicity of the ritual, it is very powerful and will help you connect to the energy of the longest night and shortest day of the year.

Whether you do this as part of a larger solstice ceremony or on your own, your candle ritual will be one you won’t soon forget!

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What Is The Winter Solstice Candle Ritual?

The winter solstice candle ritual is a way to use the energy of this special time to create positive change in your life. This includes lighting a candle and meditating for a few minutes, allowing the light to fill your heart with warmth.

So you release all negativity from your heart and replace it with positive energy before you blow out the candle. Its power comes from the fact that it runs as the Earth moves towards the longest night and shortest day of the year.

This turn from the old to the new year is of particular importance because it is the time when the natural world is reborn after a cold and dormant winter. Think of this as a turning point for all life on earth and you will understand why this is such a powerful time to perform a candle ritual.

What Are The Benefits Of The Winter Solstice Candle Ritual?

The winter solstice candle ritual can help you:

  • Get rid of negativity
  • Tap into positive energy
  • Commit to growth
  • Commit to change

Many people have a candle ritual on a regular basis, whether it’s on the winter solstice, full moon, or any other time.

The candle rituals helped them release negativity, attract positive energy, and make changes that changed their lives.

How To Perform The Winter Solstice Candle Ritual

1. Choose a Candle

To begin the ritual, choose a candle that you are attracted to and that resonates with you.

You can use any candle you want, but many people choose white candles because they are associated with purity. You can also select only 1 candle or more; it’s entirely up to you.

2. Focus On Yourself

When you have a candle, it is important to focus on the ritual. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, focusing on the act of inhaling and exhaling. As you do this, let your mind focus on the breath and let go of all negative thoughts.

If you notice that your thoughts are not in the here and now, gently set them aside so that you may concentrate.

3. Light a Candle

Once you are focused, open your eyes and light a candle. Feel the warmth of the flame that illuminates the space around you.

As the warmth fills the center of your heart, repeat these words to yourself: “I release all negativity and allow only positive energy to pass through me.”

This will help you clear your mind of negativity and open yourself up to receive positive energy.

4. Focus On Your Breathing

Now that you feel good, focus on your breath. Notice how you feel as you hold the candle flame energy inside your body.

As you inhale, imagine your breath bringing the flame to the center of your heart, where it ignites the fire of positive energy.

As you exhale, imagine this energy flowing from your heart into your whole being.

5. Blow Out The Candle

Finally, blow out the candle to release all the negative energy. If you have a negative to release, take your time with this step. Think about all the negativity that is affecting your life and focus on letting go of that negativity.

Try writing down your negative thoughts and burning them as a symbolic release of negativity if you find it difficult.

After performing the ritual, say these words to yourself: “I am open to positive growth and change in my life.”

As you ponder this affirmation, you will be able to embrace the positive changes that are coming. Before returning to the actual world around you, take a few long breaths to ground yourself.

6. Express Gratitude

Once the ritual is complete, take a moment to express gratitude for everything in your life. You can say a prayer or thank the universe for everything that brought you joy last year.

So let your heart fill with happiness and promise yourself that you will always follow positive energy in the future.


Performing a winter solstice candle ritual is an easy way to draw positive energy into your life.

The winter solstice is a time to think about new beginnings, so this ritual is a great way to prepare for the coming year. If you’ve never done a winter solstice ritual before, this is a great opportunity to start.

This is a fantastic ritual to perform before the new year as well as a wonderful way to celebrate the winter solstice.

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