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All You Need To Know About Sports Marketing Jobs

Sports Marketing, often known as “marketing via sports,” focuses on the application of marketing principles to the promotion of sporting events and teams. It can also apply to the advertising of products and services through sports. Although some sports marketers include four more: planning, packaging, positioning, and perception, sports marketing generally adheres to the standard four-pillar marketing mix of product, price, promotion, and location. The Sports Marketing Mix refers to all of these components taken together.

Since the 1980s, marketing through sports in particular has grown in significance. Companies sell their goods and services in this area of marketing by sponsoring sports teams and players, running radio or television ads at sporting events, or purchasing advertisements at sporting venues. Such products and services do not have to be related to sports: financial companies, Internet service providers and even online stores sponsor teams and athletes. There is no shortage of marketing opportunities for sports stars who become celebrities like Tiger Woods or David Beckham.

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Career In Sports Marketing

Sports marketing graduates can work in professional or amateur sports, franchise management, athletics, corporate fitness or health club management, event management, public relations or media, sports law, promotion, licensing, or fundraising, just to name a few. possible options. Job titles may include:

  • Account Coordinator
  • Sports Administrator
  • Director of development
  • Corporate sales director
  • Sports marketing manager
  • Sports marketing account manager
  • Ticket office and financial director
  • Vice president of business development
  • Head of the marketing department
  • School director of athletics
  • Sports event coordinator
  • Sports agent
  • Sporting goods sales representative
  • Equipment manager
  • Sports director
  • Structures coordinator
  • Compliance director
  • Sports business manager
  • Fitness manager

It is well known that many sports marketing positions are quite busy and can include a lot of travel. Additionally, they need a high level of adaptability, inventiveness, analytical prowess, and superior communication abilities.

In the sector, increased employment is anticipated. Despite not keeping track of career data in sports marketing, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 29% increase in employment for marketing professionals between 2010 and 2020, which is substantially faster than the national average for all occupations. The number of marketing managers employed is projected to rise by 14%, while the number of sales managers employed is projected to rise by 12%.

Salary In Sports Marketing

Entry-level positions in sports marketing often bring in only modest salaries, but executives with years of experience can earn six figures. In fact, a 2007 Baylor University survey of 76 professional sports team leaders found that senior sales and marketing executives typically earn around $150,000 a year.

What Are Marketing Jobs In Sports?

Sports marketing jobs typically focus on providing advertising and public relations services for sports teams or events. For this reason, you can find most sports marketing jobs in advertising agencies, PR firms, or other media companies that offer marketing. Sports marketing work may involve advertising a specific team or player and creating marketing materials promoting games or special events. Some of the responsibilities you may have at a sports marketing job include advertising, sales, and event management.

10 Jobs In Sports Marketing

Below you will find 10 jobs related to [sports marketing]. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed Salaries, click on the salary link by each job title below:

  1. 1. Sportswriter

Primary duties: A sportswriter is a journalist who specifically covers sporting events. Sportswriters typically have extensive knowledge of the sport they cover and a thorough understanding of sports statistics that they use to include details about specific players or teams in their writing. You can work as a sports writer for a website, newspaper, television network, radio station or any publication that covers sports.

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2. Marketing Assistant

Primary duties: A marketing assistant gathers information that informs the creation of marketing campaigns and helps a marketing team complete their projects. Marketing assistants can conduct research, keep track of trends in the market and write copy for materials used in marketing campaigns. Many marketing assistants also work on maintaining current marketing campaigns and making improvements to them over time by monitoring which aspects are successful and revising materials and schedules accordingly.

3. Broadcaster

Primary duties: A broadcaster is a media professional who provides live coverage of events. In [sports marketing], sports broadcasters might narrate the events of a sporting event or provide play-by-plays of exciting moments during a game. Sports broadcasters can work on several platforms, including internet broadcasting, television, radio or live at a sports venue.

4. Market Researcher

Primary duties: A market researcher gathers information and analyzes it for use in marketing. As the sports industry is constantly changing and growing, market researchers can be important for creating successful marketing campaigns for players or teams that cater to current trends in the market. Market researchers might consider aspects of the industry like ticket sales, reach of advertising and consumer response to previous advertising campaigns.

5. Public Relations Manager

Primary duties: A public relations manager or account manager leads a public relations team and supervises the creation of marketing materials. Public relations managers might also facilitate communication between their clients and the public, sometimes acting as a spokesperson and making statements to the media. In [sports marketing], a public relations manager might represent an individual athlete or an entire sports team or organization to help create a positive public image for them.

6. Salesperson

Primary duties: A salesperson is a professional who works in sales. Salespeople have many responsibilities, like reaching out to clients, conducting sales pitches and maintaining relationships with their clients to encourage repeat purchases. In [sports marketing], salespeople might work in advertising and focus on selling advertising space to different teams to promote games or events.

7. Advertising Manager

Primary duties: An advertising manager leads an advertising team to create and distribute advertising materials. Advertising managers make contracts with media outlets like newspapers, radio stations and television networks that allow those outlets to publish advertising materials like commercials or print advertisements. An advertising manager in [sports marketing] might oversee the advertisements created for a specific team or sports venue.

8. Brand Manager

Primary duties: A brand manager is a public relations professional who works on building a successful brand for their clients. Brand managers can help sports clients by creating marketing strategies for teams, players, merchandise or venues. Because brand managers contribute to a brand’s success, they also have a part in trying to increase ticket or merchandise sales for a team or player.

9. Promoter

Primary duties: A promoter is an event professional who works on publicizing events and attracting customers to buy tickets. Promoters can contribute to publicity initiatives, advertising campaigns and any aspect of planning an event that involves sharing information about the event with the public. In sports, event promoters might try to help sell tickets to games or special athletic events by advertising athletes who might appear there or building excitement around a particular game.

10. Videographer

Primary duties: A videographer in [sports marketing] operates camera equipment and records footage at sports games, practices and other athletic events. Videographers typically have extensive knowledge of cameras and recording equipment and know how to use these tools while moving along a court or field. Sports videographers might also edit their own footage for use in advertisements and marketing materials that publicize a particular athlete or sports team.

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