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The 5 Best Keyboards Of 2022


Keyboards – The keyboard is one of the main input devices used with a computer. Like an electric typewriter, a keyboard is made up of buttons that are used to create letters, numbers, and symbols, as well as other functions. The following sections provide more details and answers to some of the most frequently asked keyboard questions.

Types  Of Keyboards

Most keyboards today look similar, but one or more of the sections mentioned above (such as the keyboard) may be missing. Keyboards differ most from each other in construction and design. Some keyboards are mechanical while others use membrane keys. Some keyboards use a standard layout, such as the Saitek keyboard shown above, while others are split down the middle using an ergonomic layout. These keyboards are rigid and always have the same shape, while others are flexible and can be folded in half or rolled up.

Apple Keyboards

The keyboards used on Apple desktop computers are almost identical in layout to the keyboards used on Windows computers. However, they do have several different keys on either side of the keyboard symbols section at the bottom: Command and Option.

Laptop keyboard

To meet the laptop’s smaller footprint, the laptop keyboard is built differently from a desktop keyboard. By putting the keys closer together and adding the Fn key, most laptop keyboards may be made smaller. Other keys can have several functions assigned to them by using the Fn key. For instance, adjusting the brightness of the screen by using the Fn key and the up and down arrows on your keyboard (as shown below). In order to save space, the number pad is often absent from laptop keyboards.

Smartphone and Tablet Keyboards

Despite being an available attachment, physical keyboards are not standard on modern smartphones and tablets. To send messages and enter text into different fields, these devices employ a thumb keyboard or an on-screen keyboard. The picture is an illustration of the on-screen keyboard seen on all Apple touch devices, including the iPhone.

Here are 5 best keyboards selected for you

1.    Caicron Q6

This solid board has the best build quality we’ve ever tested, with an all-aluminum chassis filled with layers of sound-absorbing foam, dedicated PBT keycaps, and a braided USB-C to USB-C cable. Typing on this unit feels and sounds great thanks to its padded design that reduces key clatter when pressed on the bottom and adds a bit of bounce, and pre-lubricated Gateron G Pro switches that provide a smooth touch. One of the best aspects of this keyboard is the ease of setup and maintenance. Since it has a hot swappable circuit board, you can easily remove the faulty switch and install a new one without having to call customer service or solder anything. It also comes with a complete kit to help you disassemble your keyboard, giving you all the tools to maintain your keyboard for years to come.

2.    SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro is a powerful gaming system with a great feature that allows you to adjust the actuation point of each key. Or, in layman’s terms, you can make your WASD keys super responsive for gaming so you don’t have to press as hard while keeping the rest of the keys at normal height to prevent typos or accidental presses. This feature makes SteelSeries one of the most versatile keyboards out there, as you can easily use it for both competitive gaming and general productivity tasks. And that’s not counting the many great hardware features built into this board, such as a programmable OLED screen that you can use to set up configuration on the fly, or even display a GIF to make you laugh when you look at it. .

3.    Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX keys go back to basics with simple scissor switches. This office model has remained popular since its launch due to its high build quality, wireless connectivity and ease of use. You don’t have to be a keyboard expert to appreciate Logitech’s attention to detail on this flagship device. At first glance, the bezel looks like metal, but surprisingly, it’s a very durable, shiny plastic that looks sleek and blends easily with any desktop setup. Each key has a small notch in the middle to help guide your fingertip directly to the center of the key, which helps reduce typos and makes touch typing even easier. On top of that, the MX keys take full advantage of the Logitech Options+ software, so you can use software features like Logitech Flow to use this keyboard on multiple devices at the same time.

4.    Caicron K10

The Keychron K10 strikes a good balance between price and features that few boards in this price range can compete with. The K10 uses the same pre-lubricated Gateron G Pro mechanical switches as the Keychron Q6, but instead of a one-piece aluminum body and PBT keycaps, it has a plastic frame and uses ABS plastic keycaps that are prone to sheen due to grease on the fingers. . Like other Keychron models, this one has a switch on the top of the board to switch between macOS and Windows systems, and it even comes with system-specific keys for modifier keys.

It’s a wireless device that connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth, and the battery life should easily get you through the work week as it’s claimed to last up to 240 hours with the backlight off or 70 hours with it on. In terms of backlighting, you can get this keyboard with RGB backlighting or with white backlighting only. Regardless of which version you purchase, it glows brightly, making the keys easy to read in the dark.

5.    Signature Logitech K650

Instead of premium mechanical or scissor switches, the affordable Logitech Signature K650 uses rubber dome switches that provide super quiet typing and are ideal for use in offices, bedrooms, or other general workspaces. While the build quality isn’t as high as some of the other boards, it’s okay for a budget all-plastic block. However, thanks to its durable plastic housing and rubber dome switches, it has no exposed moving parts, making it resistant to liquid spills and less likely to be damaged by food crumbs.

It also has great built-in ergonomic features, such as a palm rest with a soft-touch soft lid and two slanted legs that keep your wrists comfortable. Each key has a rounded edge at the top for better differentiation between keys, but they still have a wide, flat top for better typing accuracy. Plus, it’s a wireless board that connects to a single device via Bluetooth, or you can use it with the included Logi BOLT receiver, which also works with some Logitech mice, so you only need one receiver for two devices.

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