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All About Digital Marketing Manager Salary In USA 2022

Digital Marketing Manager Salary – The field of digital marketing is succeeding these days. Digital marketing has become essential to marketing activities across industries to engage audiences, drive traffic, and generate quality leads. Although, Brands that want to succeed in today’s digital world need digital marketers to run their businesses and ensure their services and products are visible online. Skilled, professional digital marketing managers require knowledge of marketing strategies and creative skills.  Suppose you are looking for a career in the field of digital marketing and want to become a digital marketing manager. In that case, you have high-paying digital marketing jobs on the market. Understand marketing skills and what digital marketers do. In this blog, we will discuss the digital marketing manager’s salary. How much does the marketing manager earn?

What is the Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also acknowledged as online marketing. It covers many features, but generally includes the implementation of all public channels for a brand or company. Digital marketers build trust and create awareness through digital media with content and promotional materials. Digital marketing is the action of promoting, selling and promoting products online. It includes the promotion of services and products in online groups. All businesses have preferred social channels for posting content. Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and also Instagram are the most used platforms for messaging and advertising content through graphics, video, and text. Newsletters, email, and online advertising are popular tools for reaching specific audiences, while some businesses benefit from text and multimedia messaging for direct promotion. WordPress, Tumblr, and also Medium play an important role in digital marketing, allowing businesses to use techniques like SEO to increase traffic to their pages.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

Today, digital marketing jobs are in high demand. The digital marketing manager’s primary role is to ensure that the digital channels and campaigns are executed successfully to create new leads to endorse the sort, Variety, brand and also the products. The digital marketer does not work alone. They collaborate with the community, social media, and marketing managers to ensure tasks are distributed to the right people. Although, the size of a company tells how digital marketing performs when it comes to functions. In small organizations, a digital marketing manager creates an overall strategy, plans all activities, and also, implements each action, and reports on the campaign’s success when completed. While

Digital managers can design sponsored campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and then execute, report and track them through social media managers. Digital managers and other marketing team members like graphic designers, content writers, and videographers work on different strategies and plans to ensure goals are met.

What are the Responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Manager?

As you can see, this position needs a wide variety of experience and knowledge. Although, As a digital marketing executive, you can expect the following:

Plan and manage social media accounts and the company website.

Increase website traffic and digital growth

Work with the content marketing crew on content design.

Track key marketing tactics to determine the effectiveness of online advertising.

Report on implementing digital marketing activities and compare the results with key performance indicators and return on investment.

Develop and set campaign budgets.

Review the brand message regularly for consistency

Create a viable digital marketing strategy

Collaborate with other support teams to create unique customer-centric landing pages

Provide educational opportunities, relevant data, and also growth opportunities for digital marketing staff.

Analyze end-to-end consumer experience across different digital channels

Identify advanced digital technologies and current digital trends affecting the industry.

Prepare and run conversion tests.

What is the Average Salary of a Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital Marketing Manager varies by job, experience, and talent.  The senior digital marketing manager’s salary is high compared to the mediocre digital marketing manager’s salary. Naturally, you have more experience; more salary is yours.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

According to, here is the chart representing the salaries of marketing managers in the US. The average marketing manager’s salary in the US is $69,006/year.

, Of Course, the chart represents the marketing manager’s salary in the US. The digital marketing manager’s salary is $61,323.

According to Glass Door, the graph shows the salary of digital advertising. The salary of the marketing manager in the US is $123,899.

According to LA Incorporated, the normal salary for a digital marketing manager in the US is $85,022. And also, The average additional cash compensation for a digital marketing manager in the US is $9,204. Although, The average total compensation for a Digital Marketing Manager in the US is $94,226. Digital Marketing Manager salaries are built on responses collected by Built In from anonymous Digital Marketing Manager employees in the US.

The average annual salary includes transportation, housing and other benefits. Digital Marketing Manager salaries vary based on experience, skills, gender or location.

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