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Dongles Write for Us – A dongle is a simple adapter plugs into a port (open slot) on your PC/Computer. An adapter itself has more than one port of its own built, allowing you to plug more devices into your computer simultaneously.

Dongles are one of the most readily available means of accessing high-speed internet connections. You can get them as an add-on to your mobile broadband plan or buy them separately, depending on your personal preferences. Dongles are much more portable than fixed broadband and require zero set-up.

A dongle is something like an extension cord for your PC/Laptop. After plugging it into a laptop, you can promote other devices simultaneously into a computer via dongle.

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Why do you Need Dongles?

Why do you Need Dongles?

Using a dongle has two major benefits: getting devices to work with USB-C ports and streamlining your device use.

Compatibility with USB-C Ports

When you plug in a mouse or keyboard, it almost always uses a USB port. USB is the universal connector that’s been around for decades.

The USB-C connection is newer and better, not just because you can never plug it in wrong (it’s reversible!). The USB-C connector delivers a much faster data transmission. Over the next few years, the USB-C jack will likely replace all others. But we all have the standard USB connectors (and others) for our mice, keyboards, and cameras that we still use and need. And many device manufacturers haven’t switched to the USB-C plug, as it will take time for them to convert if they ever do.

Streamlined Device Use

Apple has started to streamline some of its devices by eliminating many of the “extra” jacks and ports on a few instruments. Their latest models come with two or three Thunderbolt ports compatible with USB-C.

Where to Buy a Dongle?

You can buy a dongle just about anywhere that sells tech equipment. If you’re looking for a USB dongle that simply stores data, you can even get them at most grocery stores. If you want to purchase a specific type of dongle, like a MiFi or Wi-Fi dongle, then you’ll have to narrow your search as only certain providers manufacture these devices.

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