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Gateway Write for Us

Gateway Write for Us

A gateway is a network node connecting two networks with different transmission protocols.

The most common type of gateway, the network gateway, operates at layer 3, i.e., the network layer of OSI (open system interconnection) model. However, depending on the functionality, a gateway can work at any of the seven layers of the OSI model. Only internal traffic between the nodes of a LAN does not pass through the gateway.

A gateway is an entry and exit point for the network, as all data must pass through or communicate with the gateway before being routed.

Features of Gateways

  1. The feature that differentiates the gateway from other network device is that it can operate at any OSI model layer.
  2. A gateway located at the network’s boundary manages all data inflow or outflow from that network.
  3. It forms a passage between two networks operating with other transmission protocols.
  4. A gateway operates as a protocol converter, providing compatibility between protocols used in the two separate networks.
  5. It also stores information about the directing paths of the communicating networks.
  6. The gateway node may supplement as a proxy server or gateway in the enterprise scenario.
  7. A gateway is generally implemented as a node with multiple NICs (network interface cards) connecting to different networks.
  8. However, it can also be configured using software. It uses a switching technique to transmit data across the networks.

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