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Glass Screen Protector Write for Us

Tempered glass screen protectors do better against drops and marks than plastic. Plus, some brands offer added feature, including antiglare and privacy technology. The main downside? The protector is thicker, and also you’ll notice it on screen.

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Best Screen Protector in 2023

According to expert we looked up settled that quality tempered glass protectors are more effective at protecting your display than plastic protectors. Tempered glass is a more robust material because it can absorb impact if your phone falls and “withstand a higher level of stress at its surfaces,” said Agnew

Since we don’t test screen protectors ourselves, we trust expert guidance about how to shop for them. The tech expert we interviewed — Zilberman, Frederick, Agnew, and Shilo — recommend each of the following Glass Screen Protector brands and products. Their listed feature align with our research, and each one is highly rated.

Ailun Glass iPhone 14/iPhone and 14 Pro Screen Protector

Ailun screen protector are currently available for several device, including Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy device, Amazon’s Kindle, and more. If you’re looking for relatively reasonable option, Zilberman recommends this temper Glass Screen Protector from Ailun, which works for new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. It features a precise, water-resistant, and oleophobic (or oil-resistant) screen coating that protect against sweat and oil remains from your fingerprint.

The box has three screen protectors — The problem is that the product includes a guide sticker rather than an installation tray, so getting the product on screen may be a little complex.

Best Privacy Screen Protector ZAGG

Privacy screen protectors can be an excellent option for people who conduct business on their phone or don’t want other to see what’s on their screen — and ZAGG provides several options across devices from Apple and Samsung. The brand’s privacy protector, made from hybrid glass material, add a two-way filter that prevents other from looking at your phone screen when viewed from the side.

Should you get a Screen Protector?

Scratching or damaging the screen is easier than you think. Carry your phone in purse, backpack, or pocket with a change or key. The screen “can easily get visible scratch from [those] hard surfaces,” which can “weaken integrity of original display and cause crack more easily,” said Zilberman.

Experts told us screen protector are the best way to minimize crack in, scratch on or crushing the screen. While they vary in price, most aren’t very expensive: Plastic one typically cost less than $15, while glass screen protectors range from $10 upward of $50.

Shilo noted it’s also worth investing in good screen protector to avoid potentially shelling out hundred of dollars to replace a broken display. Plus, he pointed out that a complete collection is one major factor in determining the value of used device if you want to resell or trade it in for newer model.

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