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Schwarzlicht Minigolf Auf 18 Loch Platz – Einkaufszentrum Wafi Dubai

Schwarzlicht Minigolf Auf 18 Loch Platz – Einkaufszentrum Wafi Dubai  – One of the All-Time Most Successful Attractions to Enter the Amusement Industry is Black Light Mini Golf. The mini-golf experience at an Art Attack Miniature Golf Course goes beyond the boundaries of each hole. Our Black Light Mini Golf Courses are equipped with HD Graphix, 3D Props, and optional PULSE Glo Curbing, which together stimulate the player’s senses to the maximum, giving your guests an amazing MINI-GOLF experience.

All skill levels of players will be put to the test as they must use strategy and creativity to get around our life-sized props and other entertaining integrated obstacles. For the past 15+ years, these essential elements have helped Art Attack become the world leader in Black Light Miniature Golf sales, outpacing those of all of our rivals.

One of the greatest malls in Dubai, WAFI is a first-of-its-kind venue for unique dining, shopping, and entertainment options in the city. Wafi Mall, well-known for its striking sphinx statues and distinctive Egyptian theme, offers enough to visitors. The mall’s architecture and layout make you question if you’re in ancient Egypt or Dubai.

This is a summary of the WAFI Mall’s shops, eateries, and other amenities that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Wafi Mall In A Symphom

The shopping center with an Egyptian motif was established more than 20 years ago. Schwarzlicht Minigolf Auf 18 Loch Platz – Einkaufszentrum Wafi Dubai, Its nightly light and music performances are among the highlights. Wafi Mall is decked out with Christmas décor over the holidays. Throughout the year, Wafi Mall hosts a number of activities that visitors can enjoy, particularly during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The enormous statues of Egyptian sphinxes that greet you as soon as you enter the mall will captivate you; this motif also permeates the mall’s interior design. The WAFI mall has over 250 stores surrounded by Egyptian columns, pharaoh statues, and stained-glass pyramids.

Wafi Center Stores

Shops like Chopard, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, The One, Matalan, and Marks & Spencer are well-liked at WAFI Mall. Among the largest shops in the mall is Marks & Spencer. You can purchase a variety of goods in addition to apparel for men, women, and kids. Additionally, the mall offers national and international companies like:

  • Pierre Cardin
  • Rolex
  • Antonio
  • Aspesi
  • Balmain
  • BC Collection
  • Canelo
  • Caresse
  • Cesare Paciotti
  • Damas
  • Mont Blanc

A few customer service desks and VFS WAFI Mall visa application centers are available for a range of nationalities. The mall also has a bank, currency exchange, baby changing rooms, pharmacies, and ATMs.

Tee & putt at wafi mall: what is it?

One of Dubai’s best mini-golf courses has to be Tee & Putt. This is a glow-in-the-dark golf course with aliens from outer space and ultraviolet lighting. A course with a puzzle theme is also available for you to play.

  • Cost (per individual): AED 50 + VAT for Glow in the Dark Minigolf | AED 80 + VAT for the New Puzzle Minigolf Game
  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday; 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. on Friday.
  • Phone: (971-4) 357-3290

Dubai’s Wafi Shopping Mall

The Wafi City Mall, which spans four stories, features European, Asian, and Arab clothes, homeware, jewelry, and perfume shops in addition to worldwide designer boutiques. A Marks & Spencer, a Carrefour hypermarket, and an Arabian-style souk filled with handicraft vendors round out the offerings. Around thirty restaurants, a family game center, and glow-in-the-dark mini golf are some of the other attractions. Every evening, the mall hosts a well-liked sound and light display in the courtyard.

It’s simple to include a visit into your sightseeing itinerary because certain hop-on, hop-off bus tours in Dubai stop directly outside the mall. You may also get tickets for the minigolf course that glows in the dark if you’re seeking for family-friendly entertainment. Alternatively, you might take advantage of the sound and light spectacle at the mall by going on one of Dubai’s nightly city bus excursions.

Things to Consider Before Leaving

  • Families with children, shopaholics, and anyone with an interest in Dubai architecture are drawn to the Wafi City Mall.
  • There are free Wi-Fi hotspots, toilets, and ATMs all across the mall.
  • The first couple of hours are free for underground parking.
  • Customers can borrow wheelchairs at the customer service desks.
  • Every Hole Offers a Fresh Experience

HD Graphix Mini-Golf Course with Black Light Over time, mural-painted walls may become dull, brittle, and impossible to repair. We went back to the drawing board to figure out a different approach so that your guests would have the best experience ever. The outcome is HD Graphix. HD Graphix creates a surreal gaming experience by using dye-sublimation technology, which makes colors pop and is durable. Our HD Graphix is the most immersive experience when combined with RHINOZ lighting.

Exceptionally robust

With thousands of people walking around and pencils in hand, mini golf is one of the roughest attraction settings. We understand how important it is to create a Mini Golf Course that is durable, and no other arena manufacturer goes above and beyond to guarantee durability the way we do.

Unique Themes

Your Black Light Mini Golf Course needs to be entertaining and distinctive in order to stand out from the competitors. We provide completely custom motifs, unlike other mini golf course manufacturers; cookie-cutter arenas won’t add that special touch to your Black Light Mini Golf Course.

Glow Curb PULSE

With our PULSE Glow Curb, we have finally developed an economical solution that breathes fresh vitality and energy into the Mini Golf experience, after years of designing it. PULSE Glow Curb shapes our golf holes and gives the attraction life with LED lighting technology and impact-resistant, robust plastic. PULSE Glow curbing may also strobe, fade in and out, and change colors to add even more individuality and unforgettable touches to each visit!

Personalized Life-Sized Props

Players must navigate through distinctive, handcrafted decorations that adorn our mini golf courses. These entertaining, lifelike props are created by our World-Class FX Artists and are included into the game. A plan is essential!

Gatlinburg Mini Golf Courses: Blacklight Blindshot Golf at Barnaby’s Circus

The goal of the 18-hole indoor mini golf course Circus Golf is to navigate a maze of blacklights in an environment decorated like a circus. When you wear 3-D glasses, the interior comes alive with vibrant, shimmering hues. After completing the course with ease, proceed to the Mirror Maze next door. There, you may “see” yourself in the maze of mirrors while you “panefully” try to find your way out. Located near 919 Parkway is Circus Golf. Be advised that this one bears a hint of the Haunted House.

Gatlin’s Indoor Blacklight Golf (previously Fort Fun)

More excitement and pleasure may be had playing indoor miniature golf at Gatlin’s, where the blacklight course transports you to the world of the deep. A gigantic octopus, dolphins, and tropical fish can all be seen in this underwater journey. Be ready for the challenge of the sunken pirate ship and keep an eye out for the elusive mermaid along the way.

Playing miniature golf at Gatlin’s is a lot of fun. Visit the Motion trip Theater for an exhilarating trip, or try your driving prowess in the electric bumper car ring. Visit the Gem Mining area and become a prospector if you’re interested in discovering a treasure trove of gemstones. You’re guaranteed to locate a variety of priceless treasures there.

Visit one of the two outdoor mini golf sections, which provide 45 holes on award-winning courses, if the weather is nice. While playing the game, discover a little bit about the past of Gatlinburg. Gatlin’s, previously Fort Fun, is located at 716 Parkway.

Golf Treasure Quest

Playing on Treasure Quest Golf’s 18-hole indoor miniature course offers an interesting adventure with equally strange sights. The scenic route has multiple themes, such as monsters, skeletons, pirates, Egyptian artwork and statues, jungle animals, and more. Five of the holes now have black light, which adds to the pleasure and makes the course even more intriguing and difficult for players of all ages. Facebook page for Treasure Quest Golf, located at 653 Parkway.

Blacklight Mini Golf Courses in Pigeon Forge

The Fun LazerPort Center

The indoor blacklight mini golf course at LazerPort is made to challenge your swing. Explore the unknown as the 18-hole course transports you through an interior with a space theme and vibrant colors. There, you’ll come across planets, space ships, and extraterrestrial life.

After finishing the course, race around the Go Kart track or play a game of Laser Tag to maintain the adrenaline level high. Play to your heart’s delight on a selection of racing and action games at the 10,000 square foot game arcade. Earn points for a variety of prizes. It’s LazerPort, 2782 Parkway.

Magic Quest – Water Polo

Mates, ahoy! While playing the 18-hole miniature Pirate Golf course at MagiQuest, you can anticipate receiving that kind of welcome from the locals. You’ll be constantly on the lookout for hidden loot on the blacklight course as you try to get the greatest photographs while exploring the pirate settlement with a Caribbean theme or on the pirate ship!

Three more adventure games are available to play on MagiQuest. Continue the excitement with an interactive role-playing game in the mystical realm of MagiQuest, where magic reigns. You’ll be faced with difficult enchantment-related tasks and will need to utilize a magical wand to solve riddles.

For the most daring members of the group, there’s laser thrill waiting in The Vault, a laser-beam obstacle course. Odyssey is a thought-provoking adventure that is accessible to all, including magnificent lights beaming on limitless pathways that loop through a complex mirror maze that is among the largest in the world and where amazing things can be found at every turn. MagiQuest can be found at 2491 Parkway.

Other Novel Qualities

The Best Playability

An Art Attack Black Light Mini Golf Course never has a dull moment since HD Graphix lines the entire perimeter of the course.

3D Encounter

Increase your profits by upselling your visitors to a 3D golf experience! You have the choice to provide a 3D golf experience with 3D glasses thanks to our HD Graphix.

RINOZ Illumination

The most cutting-edge lighting technology is used by Rhinoz lights to provide the best possible glow effects for your HD Graphix and props.

Unique Signage

Each of our courses has unique entrance and rule signage provided by us.

Putters and Score Cards

Everything you need to get started is included in our courses. These courses are truly turnkey!

Two-Year Guarantee

With a 2-year Limited Warranty on your mini golf course, you can put an end to any concerns regarding durability. We want you to be aware of the longevity of our courses.

Videos with Projection Mapping

With personalized films incorporated into our HD Graphix, you can raise the bar for technology and the visitor experience!   It’s incredible!

Sound of a Professional Grade

Every one of our courses has a professional-grade sound system installed, which enables the use of themed music or sound effects to enhance the theme effect and visitor experience.

Sound and LED Effects

With the addition of sensory elements like lighting and sound, we can make our personalized props come to life!

Answers to Common Questions – Schwarzlicht Minigolf Auf 18 Loch Platz – Einkaufszentrum Wafi Dubai

How much room is required for a Schwarzlicht Minigolf Auf 18 Loch Platz – Einkaufszentrum Wafi Dubai?

Depending on the arrangement, each hole requires an average of roughly 250 square feet of space. Want a super-high-tech mini-golf experience but have more space?

When a mini golf attraction is purchased, what exactly is included in the price?

All the things required to launch your attraction. This comprises putting wedges, balls, pencils, scorecards, and racks for displays. You only need to visit our Creative Prop Shop to replenish your supplies.

What attractions are the closest to Wafi City Mall?

A: Points of interest around Wafi City Mall:

Wonderland, Abu Dhabi Children’s City Dolphinarium

What more information regarding Dubai’s attractions should I know?

A: To get the most out of your trip, consider these suggestions in addition to visiting the Wafi City Mall:

Activities in Dubai This Autumn: 5 Ideas for a Ramadan Trip to Dubai

Must-Try Recipes in Dubai

When a mini golf attraction is purchased, what exactly is included in the price?

All the things required to launch your attraction. This comprises putting wedges, balls, pencils, scorecards, and racks for displays. You only need to visit our Creative Prop Shop to replenish your supplies.

What attractions are the closest to Wafi City Mall?

A: Places to go around Wafi City Mall:

How many holes ought I to drill?

The majority of patrons select a 9-hole course, but you don’t have to fit yourself into preconceived notions of what constitutes a good game. We have successfully constructed nine, twelve, and eighteen-hole courses.

What is the price of a miniature golf course?

Every course we create is unique, and each student has unique needs. In order for us to better understand your project and create a proposal that meets both your needs and your budget, please request a quote.

How much money is made by mini golf?

Many thanks! People have been playing mini-golf for a century, and they adore it. Depending on how much you charge per game, your revenue will vary, however, most of our courses have a 9–18-month return on investment.

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Schwarzlicht Minigolf Auf 18 Loch Platz – Einkaufszentrum Wafi Dubai

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