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The 10 Best Apps For A Start Up Business

Apps – Simply because you may expect more money with solid business growth, it’s one of the most popular themes online nowadays. But how can a tiny firm, especially one that is just getting started, grow?

Many small business apps help you stay organized and increase efficiency. All the apps mentioned below are free and ideal for small businesses. So, it depends on your needs and which app will be best for you.

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1. Scanner Apps

If you are looking for a portable scanner, this might be a good choice. The Scanner app is a free app designed for small businesses to send forms and documents on the go. Moreover, it can easily take a photo of a document and convert it to JPEG or PDF.

You can also take a couple of photos and merge them all into one document with your signature. However, the Scanner app only works for iOS, so if you’re an Android fan, you might want to try CamScanner instead.

2. Taste

Gusto can undoubtedly assist you if you are a small business owner with a staff. Payroll, benefits, and taxes are all simply managed using this smartphone app. Both Google Play and the App Store both offer this app.

Sorting through state, federal, and private resources, the app can help you find loans, loans, and grants for your small business. You can get a connection to the Gusto app by responding to a few questions on their website.

3. Ask A Question

Many of you may be familiar with Wunderlist, a cloud-based task management application. However, this application no longer exists. So, if you liked Wunderlist and the options the app has given you, the To Do app is your best bet.

The Wunderlist app is naturally replaced by this one. It can be synced with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web. You may make a straightforward to-do list and share it with your colleagues using the To Do app.

4. Square

One of the top payment applications for small companies is this one. The Square app is useful for business owners of retail establishments, food trucks, and beauty salons alike.

The app Square is free. You may swipe credit cards with the complimentary reader that comes with it. This is a little reader that you can attach to your phone or other device to make processing payments simple.

However, the app will deduct 2.75% on all credit card transactions, so you’ll have to pay extra for a reader that accepts chip and contactless cards. Square is only available on the App Store.

5. Pik Munky

With the help of the photo-editing program PicMonkey, you can maintain a social network presence. With the app, you can quickly edit photographs to use them on your website or trim them for social networking sites like Instagram. An effective marketing tool for small businesses is PicMonkey.

The best thing about PicMonkey is that you don’t need any graphic design experience to edit photos like a pro. It’s a handy app with great features, available on both Google Play and the App Store.

6. Linkedin

Most likely, you’ve heard of this effective business networking site. But did you know LinkedIn also offers a mobile application?

Using the LinkedIn mobile app, you can send updates while you’re on the move, recruit new workers, make new connections, follow companies and people that inspire you, or just keep an eye on your rivals. Both Google Play and the App Store have it for sale.

7. Evernote

It’s a digital notebook that lets you organize business information, dictate blog posts, track ideas, take notes on customer calls, and more. Evernote is only available on the App Store and does not require an Internet connection to use. It.

Your entire team may work together on a business plan that is part of the Evernote app. With Evernote Business, for instance, you may invite your coworkers and team members to join certain notebooks and contribute notes.

8. Tripit

If you’re a small company owner who travels frequently, having an app that keeps tabs on every aspect of your journey and alerts you to any changes might save your life. You may use the app TripIt to locate the best flights and locations for your vacation.

TripIt will handle everything else while you take care of the reservation. No matter where you decide to book, this app will keep your schedule organized.

All you have to do is send confirmation emails. After a couple of seconds, the app will create a basic route for all your travels. TripIt is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

9. Shop

Shopventory might be a helpful tool if you own a small inventory business. The software makes it simple to compare positions, look at sales patterns, and evaluate profit margins.

Use the Shopventory app to check what’s not selling well so you may mark it down and avoid replenishing. If there is a suspicion of theft, it will also notify you. For small company owners who wish to keep track of their inventory, the app is ideal.

Despite not having its own payment processing system, Shopventory integrates seamlessly with platforms like Shopify, Square, PayPal, and others. The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

10. Graphic Design Apps

Taking care of the graphics is an important aspect of operating a business, including developing a strong brand identity, a quality logo, and utilizing your brand consistently across all of your items.

You’ll need a service that makes it simple to generate branded content for this; we suggest Canva since it provides you access to a ton of readily adjustable design templates, free movies, stock pictures, graphics, and more. Canva is available in two flavors: a paid edition that unlocks over 600,000 templates and is always free (though still incredibly useful and feature-rich).

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