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What will be the Senior Marketing Manager Salary?

Senior Marketing Manager Salary – The Senior Marketing Manager is responsible for overseeing the execution of the marketing project and ensuring that the sales and marketing teams are equipped with the right content, data and campaigns to efficiently generate and close new business opportunities.

As a crucial member of the marketing team, you will work collaboratively with the product team and sales team, the successful candidate will be a champion of the project, bringing knowledge, passion and energy to the role as they build awareness and adoption of the Tulip solution.

The position will cover various activities including understanding the markets we serve, trends and opportunities, developing plans, creating marketing content, web materials, solution presentations, sales support materials, overseeing campaigns, working with vendors and managing events.

What is the Senior Marketing Manager’s Salary in Commercial Management and Sales jobs?

Understanding the Market

What are Senior Marketing Manager Salary jobs? Let’s start first by understanding how the market works. We all need to sell. Practically since we are born we are selling, sometimes we sell ourselves, and we offer something that others want. Normally, we look at the labour market before deciding to study something particular.

In the business world, we must learn to offer our products and services to an end user, who is increasingly informed, who knows what he wants and who is practically the one who tells you how to do things. It has made users choose more and more personalization. New jobs are opened by creating multiple niches and, therefore, understanding them and solving their needs.

Work you will do:

  • Manage projects and supervise execution.
  • Work collaboratively with the in-house Tulip team and a network of vendors and freelancers to keep projects moving efficiently and effectively.
  • Take the lead in project management, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Contribute to event planning initiatives and event management.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of Tulip’s clients, industry and products to play a critical role in campaign development and optimization of performance.
  • Edit and refine content to ensure it aligns with strategic goals.
  • Lead marketing operations initiatives and work collaboratively with the demand generation manager.
  • Create content for corporate marketing collateral as needed.
  • Leverage automation to improve processes and productivity and make recommendations to support a rapidly growing organization.


  • An excellent healthcare plan with no waiting time paid parental leave and corporate gym fees.
  • The opportunity to grow and apply new skills, whether practical or leadership.

Training is Essential

Management and leadership are indispensable skills. You should focus on these at the time of training. By studying Commercial Management and Sales you are choosing to strengthen these skills and be better prepared for the competitive and changing world we live in today.

Once you acquire this knowledge, you will be prepared for the profession’s responsibilities. Analyze information, define business strategies, develop a sales plan, and your responsibilities.

Training and Experience:

  • Post-secondary education with a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing.
  • 5+ years of marketing experience in a B2B SaaS environment with a proven track record of managing multiple competing projects and delivering great results.
  • Experience in customer engagement, retail technology, and SaaS/Platform based solutions.
  • Experience managing complex projects and working in cross-functional teams.
  • You are comfortable dealing with technical information and can translate technical capabilities into customer benefits using simple, clear and intuitive language.
  • Practical ability to turn plans into reality.
  • Excellent communication skills: You must be able to comfortably write and speak about technical and non-technical concepts.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a strong teamwork ability to cultivate and maintain effective working relationships, both internally and externally.
  • Adaptable and can deal with ambiguity and changing (and growing) priorities.
  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience with Marketo or other marketing automation systems is a plus.

Business Management Jobs and Salaries

Is it what you’re looking for? If the above fits your profile, you will be interested in the information we will provide you below. These are some jobs for which you can apply with your postgraduate degree in Business Management and Sales.


As a commercial director, you must manage, coordinate, and direct the commercial department. In this position, which would be ideal, you would be the director of the department. It is the job that carries the most responsibilities, therefore, it is also the best paid.  This type of manager is the one who earns in Spain. Above all, those who work in large companies. Considering this, a commercial director could earn between €48,000 (small companies) and €150,000 gross per year.


The commercial director often acts as the general sales director or vice versa. The similarity could be found in the positions due to the complementary nature of their functions. As General Sales Manager, you are the one who runs the department. Like the commercial director, you manage, plan and coordinate everything that has to do with the department. When you assume the position of commercial director you can get to have the same salaries. However, this position usually exists when you want to work separately from sales and marketing. Therefore, the salary here would be a bit less. You could have a salary between €40,000 and €90,000 per year.


Strategy is your main skill. Preparing sales plans and budgets, setting goals and objectives, estimating sales, train salespeople, among others, are the sales manager’s tasks. His salary would be between €30,000 and €75,000 a year.


As the word indicates, you are the company’s representative in front of your potential clients. Therefore, he is a person faithful to corporate identity and culture. Experience is a determining factor when evaluating potential salaries. You could earn between €30,000 and €49,000 per year.


The commercial coordinator is in charge of managing the commercial objectives of the company. Therefore, he must have enough leadership to have a committed team. His salary is €30,000 to €49,000 annually.

Other Positions and their Respective Salary


Develop direct marketing strategy, and plan campaigns. €35,000 – €50,000 per year.


Manage the key accounts of a company, maintaining a good relationship between the company and customers. €25,000 – €45,000 per year.


Define sales team goals. €25,000 – €39,000 per year.


Organize, plan, and direct activities of a store. €15,000 – €25,000


Now that you know the salary for the different commercial management jobs, are you clear about what you want to specialize in? At Sunset Business School we have a specialized master’s degree in Senior Marketing Manager Salary and Marketing. You will find an expert faculty in the field, who will help you become an exemplary commercial director.

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