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The Mixology Of Content Marketing Infographic

Content Marketing Infographic – Sometimes, the best way to teach a person something is to present it within a familiar framework.

Suppose you don’t understand fractions. Sure, we could try to teach you from a fourth-grader’s textbook, or we could guide you with a pizza (or pie if you’re lactose intolerant). All of a sudden, fractions aren’t so intimidating, and the information becomes (queue dad joke) digestible.

Seems JBH (a UK-based content marketing agency) noticed this, too, based on its cocktail-inspired guide to content marketing.

They’ve beautifully compared different content marketing formats to cocktails and then dissected them into their various components — or ingredients.

So a blog post, for example, can be compared to a daiquiri — combine 1 part strong examples, 1 part consistency and 1 part specialist industry knowledge, and you’ve got yourself a delicious recipe for success.

Know the Importance of Infographics in Content Marketing

Every day there is so much information on the Internet, and users have less time. If this is so and content is king, what can we do to fix it? The best option is still content infographics but with a more synthetic form that allows for optimizing the user’s time. But what exactly are infographics? How can one be created? And what benefits does it bring to content marketing strategies? Read on and learn everything there is to know about infographics.

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is visual content in which information is explained or summarized graphically with images and graphics that narratives and data can accompany. It is an alternative content since the blog article is the most traditional.

What Benefits does it bring to my Content Marketing Infographic Strategy?

  • Add value

One of the maxims of Inbound Marketing, where content is vital, is that everything offered to the user adds value. This philosophy indicates that all content must add something more to the user, that they learn something new or be surprised. Although, One of the best ways to do this is through infographics.

  • It speeds up the consumption of Information.

The content marketing boom has made all companies launch their blogs. Blog articles gain followers, but users may not have time to read everything. For this reason, infographics are chosen that summarize basic text information in an easy-to-understand image. And it is not that it is a personal appreciation but that it is scientifically proven. Studies reveal that 90% of the information the brain assimilates is visual and that the human eye can register 36,000 visual messages in an hour, which is 10 per second. All this only validates the significant advantages that infographics have.

  • They are easy to visualize

Infographics are very easy to share as they are visually appealing. This allows you to reach a large number of people efficiently and quickly, which will generate links to your website and increase your content’s popularity.

  • Helps improve SEO positioning

SEO is a vital factor in any digital marketing strategy because it is impossible to appear in search engines without it. Including an infographic in your content adds value, which is something that Google loves and rewards. In addition, this generates many links to your blog that favour your positioning in search engines.

  • Promotes the creation of a professional brand

Infographics can contribute a lot to the branding of your company. Creating original content with unique elements will allow greater recognition since its diffusion will be much faster. In addition, it shows that you have thoroughly researched a topic that will add credibility to your services. And infographics are, above all, excellent cover letters to your potential clients.

This a nice infographic to underline the importance of infographics in content marketing. Do you like it?

How can I create an Content Marketing Infographic?

  • Choose a topic and set a Goal.

Before creating infographics, you should choose a topic and set a goal. You can direct your efforts and create concise and coherent content. What is your purpose? Offer data, give advice, answer a question…?

  • Choose the type of Infographic.

The type of infographic will depend on the information you want to share. This way, you can make an informative timeline, concept, educational or even interactive infographic.

  • Synthesize the information

After selecting the theme and typology, the next step is to gather the data and provide as much of a summary as you can.In order for the user to be satisfied with the data presented, it is imperative that the infographic be easy to understand while still offering sufficient information. You must thus consider what the user would like to know about the topic and put yourself in their position.

  • Create your infographic

You are almost ready to create your infographic. First, make a manual outline to organize your ideas and visualize how the infographic would look. The essential elements are the title, the colours, the typography, the icons and especially your company’s logo. This last element is vital so that your name is registered as the owner of the infographic.

  • Spread the Infographic

Finally, spread your creation on all the channels you have available. All social networks are essential to make your infographic go viral, but Pinterest is the place par excellence for infographics.

The Best Tools to Create Content Marketing Infographics

Infographics are essential to success in your content strategy, so their design must be impeccable. But if your design team is bustling and you want to generate fast and beautiful infographics, there are several free online tools to create infographics and all kinds of content for social networks:

  • Canvas

This tool is one of the most popular as it allows you to generate all kinds of content, from banners and CVs to infographics. Most of the elements are free, and it also offers numerous templates to speed up the creation. It is the one we like the most in Posizione.

  • Revenge

A free primary option can create visually attractive infographics most easily.

  • PiktoChart

It is one of the essential tools if you are new to this field. It offers numerous templates to create and allows you to start from scratch.

  • Easily

Simple, practical and effective. Easelly will allow you to generate memorable infographics without investing too much time.

  • Visually

An alternative to traditional design programs as it offers premium content at a reasonable price.

  • Infographic

It is one of the most severe pages in which the creation of infographics of data and in-depth information is more frequent.

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