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What is Notions Marketing?

Notions Marketing  – Views on Marketing: Given the daily barrage of messages we receive from all media, it makes sense that the term “marketing” is typically connected to sales and advertising. Among the many media platforms that give us the most recent news about world events are the internet, television, and phone—all of which exist purely to increase revenue.

However, sales and advertising are the tips of the marketing iceberg. These two elements are essential tools used by marketing but, in the end, just tools.

According to P. Kotler, marketing is “a social and managerial process by which various groups and individuals get what they need and also want by offering, creating and exchanging products that are of value to others.”

The dry definition can be summed up as “meeting needs profitably”.

Notions Marketing that Every Engineer Should Know

The digital Marketing that we live in today has completely changed the behaviour of users and buying and selling trends. Today, the most common thing is searching for products and services on the Internet to find out. Find the best price or cover a need.

All this makes up what we know as digital marketing. In particular, it is a set of actions to promote brand solutions in various media and channels. And if you translate and apply these strategies in engineering, the results may surprise you.

Are you ready to benefit from marketing strategies? As part of business management, marketing gives them a helpful perspective and helps create new sales opportunities. More and more corporations in the sector are turning to digital marketing to improve the performance of their services through online strategies. Not only that…

 7 key Digital Marketing Actions

In this sense, before fully immersing yourself in the world of “marketing” and proposing a strategy, it is best first to familiarize yourself with its main characteristics:

  1. Brand Content

It’s about building a solid brand and a good business story. Thus, all the proposed actions must be related to the values ​​of the product and its market niche.

  1. Content is Everything

Offering relevant and exciting content for the engineering industry can go a long way in making a name for yourself, driving qualified traffic to a company’s website, or boosting conversions. Therefore, it is crucial to produce up-to-date publications highlighting various engineering-related topics, trends, challenges, and issues. You will become a benchmark in this industry!

  1. Social Networks and Active Listening

Nowadays, if you are not displayed on social networks, you practically dont exist.  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram… Know where your target audience is, and don’t miss the opportunity to get closer to them through these profiles. Consider that in addition to sharing the content of your site or blog, you can also analyze your sales, extract updated information and actively listen to the comments of your potential clients, for example, about the construction of some infrastructure.

  1. SEO becomes Indispensable

Search engine optimization (SEO, for its acronym in English) includes a series of techniques that make a website appear in the first results of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask…). Facilitate the process of purchasing or entering into a contract.

  1. SEM and PPC Campaigns

Search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing, as it is abbreviated in English) is responsible for promoting the company from paid advertising on these search engines. The most used campaigns are PPC and Social Ads.

  1. Automation of Actions

Action automation helps attract new customers and increase loyalty. How? Lead generation associated with forms and email marketing provides additional information and speeds up the process of attracting new customers.

  1. Combine Marketing and Sales

Although, It is very significant that both departments work as a team since marketing analytics can help optimize business strategies.


The critical phase is knowing the Notions Marketing. The tools of economic theory, that is, through marketing and advertising techniques, opinion polls such as surveys and criteria for establishing prices, distribution channels, and marketing, collect valuable information necessary during decision-making. For this, the necessary investigations were carried out with the idea collect theoretical bases that will be analyzed in such a way that it has a diagnosis regarding the type of packaging and brand of the product that is preferred and identified by the market but not necessarily of what consumers look for in the products presented in the market, but that the psychological elements that under the conditions of necessity, form the models of marketing both to produce them and to them.  The needs of the market, that is to say, of the consumers, are the ones that give the guideline to be able to define better what we are going to sell and to whom, as well as where and how we will.


What is Notions Marketing?

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