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Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde – During these days, on the astrological plane, the planet is in the particular position of “retrograde” , and the question is how long it will last and what will be the impact according to the zodiac.

The distance between the planets and the Sun varies in each case, and in this case, Mercury is the one that is closest to the king star, so it takes just 88 days to go around the entire zodiac.

According to astrology , the movements of the stars determine different issues and generate more or less favorable conditions. Just as there are many issues related to personality and tastes, some positions of the planets affect everyone equally

In that regard, Mercury retrograde is frequently mentioned as being difficult, especially when it comes to communication. However, this isn’t always the case, and in accordance with other viewpoints, there are additional ways to understand this situation.

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When Is Mercury Retrograde?

This Mercury retrograde began on September 9 and will end on October 2. However, it is not the only one we have seen this year, as we told you. This 2022 we had a total of 4 retrogradations of Mercury, which are the following:

  • From January 14 to February 3.
  • From May 10 to June 3.
  • From September 9 to October 2.
  • From December 28, 2022 to January 18, 2023.

As you can see, this Mercury retrograde is the third of the year , and it is often said that the third is the worst of all. However, there is nothing to worry about, because although the retrogradation of this planet brings problems, it also brings opportunities.

History Mercury Retrograde

Every once in a while, an optical illusion occurs whereby Mercury appears to stop its path in the heavens and go backwards, which is called apparent retrograde motion. What is really happening is that this planet is moving much more slowly than the Earth. This movement is due to the difference between the rotational speeds of the planets when viewed from a point also in motion. It usually happens between three and four times a year and, for some experts, the perception of the planet’s change of direction has terrible consequences on Earth in terms of communication and technology . So put as much love as possible on the laptop you work with or on your mobile phone if you don’t want to regret it.

The planet Mercury is related to everything that has to do with communication, travel or technology . Mercury is believed to have the power to bring things that were apart back together, as it is known as the messenger of the gods in mythology and astrology, making it the planet of relationships.

When a planet is retrograde it can negatively influence the aspects with which it is associated . Therefore, there may be disagreements, oversights, delays and misunderstandings, so you have to check carefully if you are going to sign a contract.

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect?

It is also common that during this retrogradation issues remain pending, that were not discussed or resolved at the time, and that must be dealt with again. But it is important to be careful, because it is easy for words to be misunderstood with Mercury retrograde and there are communication problems that aggravate the problems. Therefore, a good idea to prevent any unfortunate situation could be to take a look at any sign compatibility test to see who we tend to be more in tune with.

As general recommendations, astrology experts always recommend that with Mercury retrograde be careful with electronic devices, do not start trips or sign contracts or agreements, keep a copy of everything and be careful with the past.

However, in addition to talking about Mercury retrograde, we have to take into account in which constellation the retrogradation has occurred , since this will greatly influence its effect. On this occasion, Mercury began its retrogradation in Libra, but on September 23 it passed into Virgo.

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Tips To Survive Mercury Retrograde According To Your Sign

Now that you are fully informed on Mercury retrograde, it is time for us to provide you with our survival guide based on your zodiac sign.

But first, some general recommendations. Try not to see this process as a time of turbulence and frustration, but as an opportunity to improve. Mercury does not come to disrupt your life, but to teach you what you can do better and point out what was wrong without you noticing. It is a good time for introspection.

Let’s go with some tips for each sign!

  • Aries : Try to focus less on what you haven’t achieved. Do not dwell on what frustrates you. You need to move on.
  • Taurus : Pay more attention to the way you communicate. You may not be quite yourself lately.
  • Gemini : Try not to idealize the past. Everything that is left behind is done for something, but you can think about what you have learned.
  • Cancer : Try to use your words with greater caution and do not downplay your communication with yourself, you need to connect with your inner “I”.
  • Leo : Give your priorities a spin, you may be misfocusing your energy. Nor would it be bad if you kept an eye on your accounts and your expenses.
  • Virgo : You have to be more aware of what you think of yourself and what you tell yourself about who you are.
  • Libra : The time has come for you to face one of your greatest fears, loneliness. Perhaps there where you have never wanted to be you will find yourself truly.
  • Scorpio : You have to try to be more aware of who you share your energy with and, above all, in whom you invest your time.
  • Sagittarius:The time has come for you to take on more responsibilities. You have to start working on yourself, taking care of your needs.
  • Capricorn : Try not to be so innocent, but don’t be afraid to trust either. You must find the balance between innocence and coldness.
  • Aquarius : It is a good time to close cycles and move forward. It’s up to you to grow, evolve and keep changing.
  • Pisces : You need to take a look at your relationships and take a good look at them. The time has come to do it.

Until When Will We Have Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury will be retrograde until October 2 . Right now, it’s retrograde in Libra , the sign of the couple. That is why it is expected that there will be adverse circumstances, according to the analysis of astrology: not in a bad way, but even couples can meet in strange ways or that people argue more than normal without falling into anything serious or complicated.

Saying Mercury retrograde seems like a dirty word , it raises fears that shouldn’t be such. It is necessary to see the positive part of this phenomenon: although the planet is going backwards, it can promote situations that are useful and that the context will help to face , something that is necessary. For example, there were outstanding issues and we will have the opportunity to resolve them.

When Will The Next Mercury Retrograde Be?

The fourth Mercury retrograde of the year will be from December 28 to January 18, 2023 . It is claimed that Capricorn is the sign chosen by Mercury to return and that you should worry about. The great rigidity that characterizes this constellation will not let you start a new stage with the arrival of 2023. So no New Year’s resolutions. You’ll have to wait a little longer.

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