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Here on this page, you can learn more about Spot Welder. Spot welding is a more complex process than regular resistance welding.
Electric spot welding is a resistance welding method. This welding technique is most often used in the automotive industry. In addition, it regularly uses to join metal sheets or sheets between 0.5mm and 3.0mm thick.

The most critical parameters of spot welding are current, resistance, heat, and pressure.
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How Does Spot Welder Work?

This type of welding is based on pressure and temperature. One of the metal pieces to Welder heat employs an electric current (melting temperatures) while pressure exerts between the materials to join. In this way, a durable and resistant union achieve.
The base materials arrange to overlap between electrodes. So, these electrodes are the ones that carry out the pressure and the current that corresponds to the cycle. In this way, one or several welding points achieve. Thus, the pressure must be kept constant during the cooling of the casting to avoid the creation of pores.

Advantages of Spot Welding

  • This resistance welding method allows for the exact, safe, and fast joining of various material types and shapes.
  • Sheet metal, profiles, bars, stamped parts, cables, or cords can weld precisely between point electrodes.
  • To avoid undesired deformations on the outside of the part, the contact electrode is designed in this process in such a way that the largest possible contact area produces.
  • Using multiple solder heads is a viable solution to produce multiple spot weld contacts to achieve higher bond strength and increase accuracy.
  • Spot welding is a proven method of long-term welding of parts with many available weld heads.

Types Of Welding

There are two types of spot welding: unilateral welding, which based on the union of two pieces by applying electrodes on both sides of the sheets, and bilateral welding. The fundamentals of welding of this type corrupt on holding the sheets or report using local heat through a machine to melt the layer and form a weld point.
Therefore, greatest virtue of this process is that it is carried out precisely, without deformations, and achieves a good finish on the piece; All this procedure is carried out quickly by technicians specialized in industrial tooling.

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