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Ergonomic Write for Us

Ergonomics Write for Us

Here on this page we can learn about Ergonomics, Its Work, and Its Importance.

Ergonomics, from Greek ergon (work) and nomos (law), is the discipline that studies the interaction between human activity and the component of this activity (tasks, tools, method, work environment, etc.) to develop a system that allow people to work in the condition of optimal efficiency, safety, and comfort.

What is Ergonomics, and Why Does it Matter?

Ergonomics come from the Greek words ‘ergon,’ meaning work, and ‘nomos,’ meaning law. It is the equipment and tool designed for worker to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing discomfort and fatigue. Ergonomics can make the workplace safer and reduce costs.

Another Name for Ergonomics

On this page, you’ll find five synonyms, antonyms, and words related to ergonomics: comfort design, functional design, human factors, user-friendly systems, and workplace efficiency.

How does Ergonomics Work?

Ergonomics is relatively new branch of science that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1999—however, it.
To achieve best practice design, Ergonomists use data and procedures of several disciplines:
Anthropometry: body size, shapes, population, and variations.
Biomechanics: muscle, lever, force, strength.
Environmental physics: hearing, vision, sensation. Noise, light, heat, cold, radiation, vibration, body system
Apply psychology: skill, learning, error, difference.
Social psychology: group, communication, education, behavior.

Importance of Ergonomics

  1. Ergonomics is an integral part of research in the product development process. Its purpose is to increase safety, comfort, and performance of product or an environment, such as an office.
  2. Ergonomics uses anthropometrical data to determine a product’s optimum size, shape, and form, making it easier for people to use.
  3. Ergonomists can help you identify which user characteristics you should consider during your design process. It is essential when you think about how much individuals vary in terms of:
  • body size
  • body shape
  • strength
  • mobility
  • sensory sensitivity
  • mental ability
  • experience
  • training
  • culture
  • emotions

When you apply ergonomic methods early in the design process, they can often identify opportunities for innovation. Find out more about the user-centered design process.

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