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All You Need To About Columbus Business

Why Columbus Business Is The Ideal Location For Launching A High-Growth Business?

Columbus Business  – Columbus is the place to be for entrepreneurs starting new businesses, innovators with game-changing technologies, and venture capitalists looking to invest in high-growth startups with the potential to disrupt entire industries.

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Capital, Deal Flow, And Support Are All Provided By Innovation Infrastructure Of Columbus Business

The Columbus community at large has invested in the creation of innovation infrastructure in a systematic and strategic way. Funding startups is the foundation of any innovation economy, and Central Ohio has access to a continuum of risk capital, from private equity funds to public sources. Capital attracts capital. Rev1 Ventures’ portfolio companies, as an example, have attracted co-investors from 21 other states, Europe, and Singapore.

Internationally acclaimed research institutions including The Ohio State University (OSU), Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and OhioHealth spin out discoveries and provide access to risk capital for breakthrough intellectual property. This creates a steady pipeline of new company creation. Physical infrastructure, including facilities for wet and dry labs, are expanding.

The corporate community has entrepreneurs’ backs. Industry innovators State Auto and Grange Insurance have formed innovation investment funds that bring together investment and industry expertise. Main Street businesses provide professional services to entrepreneurs at “startup rates.” Ohio Fortune 1000 companies, like Worthington Industries, connect with entrepreneurs as customers and investors.

Opportunities Create More Opportunity In Columbus Business

In Columbus, opportunity comes in many forms—new ideas, new companies, and new jobs. For example, ScriptDrop, a young firm founded by former employees from CoverMyMeds, projects adding 80 jobs by 2022—just one of our 100+ portfolio companies that are creating opportunities.

CNBC ranked Ohio as one of America’s top 10 states for business. Forbes writes that “Columbus is changing with the times;” that “technology innovation is becoming a force in this middle America city,” and that “Columbus is a magnet for talent.”

Thirty-seven Columbus-based companies were named to the most recent Inc. 5000 list. Seven Columbus corporations and institutions made the Forbes 2019 list of Best Employers for Women. Two of those, The Ohio State University and Safelite AutoGlass, are pursuing strategic initiatives and investments in entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Sources Of Talent Are Abundant In Columbus Business

With 126 four-year colleges and universities across Ohio and more than 350 institutions adding in our community colleges and trade schools, this state is producing the new hires that innovative companies need. Columbus continues to be one of the best cities in the U.S. for new college graduates, ranking in the top five of SmartAsset’s annual report.

There were only a few job options here a decade ago. Today, Columbus has jobs that draw people from all over the country. There are dozens of jobs this month on the Rev1 Jobs Board alone for careers in software engineering, web site development, data science, and application design, to name a few.

Living Here Is Enjoyable And Vibrant

Columbus is a growing city, and because of that, all the elements that make this a fun and exciting place to live are growing too. We have several entertainment districts, not just one. The Short North Arts District is trendy, diverse, and fun. We have college and professional sports. With nightlife and a restaurant scene that seems to add a new venue every week, we have variety and something new for every interest.

At nearly a million people, Columbus ranks fifteenth on the list of America’s 75 largest cities—just behind San Francisco. The big difference is that San Francisco has the highest average monthly cost of living on the list, and Columbus is about 40% less. People can come here and flourish.

Columbus Business Has An Inclusive And Aspirational Culture

Columbus has an aspirational culture. We believe our best days are ahead of us, not behind. No matter how good today is, we feel that tomorrow will be even better. You can feel that throughout the community—in our businesses, our academic and scientific institutions, and our homes.

When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, the Midwest isn’t fly-over territory anymore. The Midwest is becoming a movement, and Columbus is the leader. Everywhere you look across Columbus, organizations and individuals are in the game.

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