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DevOps Write For Us

DevOps Write for Us

DevOps combines cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an organization’s ability to send applications and services at high speed.
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DevOps a Promising Career?

DevOps Engineers are in high demand with good earning potential. Another advantage of a career in DevOps is the potential for competitive salary. Therefore, administrations increasingly recognize DevOps’s profound role in achieving their business objectives, so they are ready to invest in capable professionals.

How can I Practice DevOps at Home?

Eight Easy Steps to DevOps
1 – Pick a component.
2 – Further, consider adopting an agile methodology like Scrum.
3 – After that, Use Git-based source control.
4 – Integrate source control also with work tracking.
5 – Write tests.
6 – Build out a CI/CD process to deploy the component
7 – Add monitoring, alarms, and also instrumentation
8 – So, use feature flags to implement canary testing

How to Submit Guest Post?

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Why Write for Webtechon – DevOps Write for Us

Why Write for Webtechon - DevOps Write For Us

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Article Guidelines on Webtechon – DevOps Write for Us

We at Webtechon welcome fresh and unique content related to DevOps.
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