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SQL Write For Us

SQL Write for Us

In a SQL database, the schema is a list of logical data structures. A database user owns the schema with the same name as the database manager. SQL Server 2005 defines the schema as an individual entity (container of objects) distinct from the user who constructs the object.
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How do I find Duplicate Rows in SQL?

We can show duplicate table data using the GROUP BY and HAVING clause. The GROUP BY statement in SQL is used to arrange identical data into group with the help of some functions. i.e., a particular column has the same values in different rows, it will place these rows in a group.

My SQL Delete Duplicate Records

We can Delete Duplicate Record Using Delete Join. So, the DELETE JOIN statement in My SQL allows us to remove duplicate records quickly.
Delete Duplicate Record Using the ROW_NUMBER () Function. ADVERTISEMENT.
DELETE Duplicate Rows Using Intermediate Table.

SQL is better than EXCEL

SQL uses multiple related tables that give it a multi-dimensional feel. Excel can link various worksheets. It is a great program for simplicity and flexibility. SQL databases are excellent choices for storing, manipulating, and analyzing large amounts of data.

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