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All You Need To Know About HP Laptop Charger

HP Laptop Charger

HP Laptop Charger – The laptop charger is the accessory that allows us to power our laptop, it is common that with frequent use and time it is damaged or worn out; There are several purchase options to acquire a new one and thus not lose the good performance and performance of our device.

Today we can find universal chargers, which have different types of connectors, including the one we need, this benefits us if we have different equipment with different connection input since we can use the same charger.

Laptop chargers provide the means for our battery to always be charged, to be able to use our equipment without restrictions, that is why we must always have the necessary accessories and in good condition. Let us remember that for the proper functioning of our devices it is convenient to always have the accessories in good condition since any damage or deterioration that they may present can trigger greater damage to our portable equipment.

Here we mention some recognized brands with which we can acquire a charger for our laptop if necessary, these manufacturers provide us with guarantee and quality, among them we find  Lenovo ,  Manhattan ,  Ovaltech , etc.

How long should I charge my HP laptop’s battery?

The time it takes to charge your HP laptop battery generally depends on:

  • The type of battery your laptop has
  • The type of charger you have
  • Whether or not you use your laptop while it’s charging
  • If your laptop is equipped with fast charging technology
  • Some batteries can hold more voltage, and those with higher voltage retention than others typically take longer to recharge. This is not synonymous with something bad; In fact, when your battery can handle more voltage, so too does your laptop stay powered on longer.

Another thing that can affect how quickly your battery charges is the type of charger your laptop comes with. Most laptops use an A/C adapter to recharge. However, there are other types of chargers that are viable for greater energy transfer, and thus faster charging. USB-C is an extremely fast medium that can charge your battery in a shorter period of time. It is clear that, if you decide to use the USB-C route, you need the same port or input on your laptop. In addition to that, it could take longer for your laptop to fully charge if you use it while charging. When you use your laptop, you are simultaneously draining some power while it resets. This can increase the length of time it regularly takes to charge to 100 percent.

How long should I first charge my HP laptop?

The first charge you give your laptop will always be the most important. When you buy your new laptop, it is important that you charge it for 24 hours to ensure that the first charge was complete. Fully charging your battery for the first time eventually makes it last longer.

How Long Can A HP Laptop Charger Last?

Batteries typically last 2-4 years, which adds up to about 1,000 total charges. Even so, there are some extra factors that determine how long the battery will last before its last use:

  • The material from which the laptop battery was made
  • How long do you use the laptop
  • Up to what percentage do you recharge your laptop
  • The best batteries are made of lithium; any battery made of some other material is likely to have a shorter period of use.

The more you use your laptop, the less your battery will last. Remember that your laptop’s battery limit will only last around 1,000 charges, so every time you recharge your laptop you also get closer to its durability limit.

Is It Bad To Keep My Hp Laptop Charger Plugged In When It’s Already  Fully Charged?

Don’t worry, as long as your laptop battery is made of lithium, it can’t be overcharged. Internal hardware prevents the battery from charging beyond the 100% voltage limit.

However, charging the battery at high voltages (except for the first time) can significantly shorten its lifespan. According to some studies [1], charging a battery to only 85% or 90% of its capacity can improve its discharge cycle by between 300 and 1000 extra charges. Basically, if you charge your laptop to 85% or 90% instead of 100%, you could improve your battery life by up to 6 months per year. Also, charging the battery to only 70% or 75% can almost quadruple the discharge cycle.

What Is The Science Behind All This?

Technically, it takes a considerable amount of energy for your computer to fill the last 3% of charge because it only has a certain number of cells in which it can store electricity, so it requires a large amount of energy to move and accommodate those charges. up to that final 3%. This generally affects its lifespan, but not its charge level.

The downside to this is that if you don’t charge your laptop to 100%, you will obviously have less battery power and your laptop will shut down after a short time. If, for example, you use your laptop in a place far from a contact, this could cause you considerable problems.

On the other hand, you can always avoid this by using a power bank (external battery). A power bank is basically an external battery that you can connect to your laptop to charge the computer; you don’t even need to plug your power bank into a power outlet. When you are using your laptop where there is no outlet nearby, and you need to recharge, you can simply plug in your power bank and charge the battery up to about 80%. That would also allow you to buy a less expensive power bank that has a lower voltage.

How Can I Increase The Life Of My Hp Laptop Charger?

As already recommended, you can improve battery life simply by charging your laptop to less than 100%. However, there are also environmental factors that can affect the life of your battery. Do not leave your computer somewhere where the temperature is above 30° as high temperatures can damage your battery and its durability.

Still, the best way to maintain considerable battery life is to recharge it as little as possible. You can follow these simple steps to conserve battery life while using your laptop.

How can I conserve battery life?

There are little habits you can do that will help conserve your laptop battery so you don’t have to recharge it as often. Maintain its duration by:

  • Operate your laptop at low power levels when you’re not using heavy applications (on Windows laptops this is called power saving mode )
  • Schedule sleep mode for your laptop
  • Lower the brightness of your screen (especially if you are using your laptop inside an establishment).
  • Use only one app at a time
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

If you have an HP laptop , you can request a Battery Check with an HP support assistant. The revision will recalibrate your battery and thus you will not have a problem with the fluidity of the charge. To request a Battery Check :

  • Press the Windows key
  • Find and select HP Support Assistant

To a long and happy life of powerful battery!

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