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All About Holy Stone hs720 Camera

Holy Stone hs720 – When you’re ready to treat physically to a well-equipped drone that won’t break the bank, the Holy Stone HS720 is perfect.

We’re very impressed with what’s in the box at this price point, and like many owners of this Holy Stone model, we’re pleased with its performance.

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with Adult 4K UHD Camera Brushless Auto Return Quadcopter Follow Me 52 Minutes Flight Long Distance Control Includes Carry Bag.

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All About Holy Stone hs720 camera

4K UHD camera with image stabilization. The shock-absorbing Full HD camera captures 3840 x 2160 high-resolution images and videos without a camera shake. 5GHz FPV transmission and 90° adjustable lens let you see the word from different angles.

Bright GPS Flight: Never lose your drone. It automatically returns whenever the battery is low, the signal is lost, or a key is pressed to produce. In addition, it is very convenient to fly as you like, automatically following you, passing along a trajectory you set or flying around a point in a circle. So you can focus on your photography and creativity.

Configuration update: intelligent battery lasts 26 minutes per charge; Reliable brushless motors consume less power and provide a quieter flight. The foldable design and well-equipped carrying case make it easy to take the drone outdoors.

Ease of use: equipped with multi-sensors, guarantees high stability and high quality of photos taken in various flight conditions; Optical stream positioning is of great importance when the GPS signal is lost or weak. In addition, features such as a start/stop button, emergency stop, altitude hold and electrical protection make it easy to use even for learners.

Sophisticated controller: 2.4GHz transmitter control range reaches 3000 feet altitude; battery level and GPS signal are displayed on the LED screen; added a button to turn the drone light on or off; Right-hand throttle mode is available for lefties. Be sure to remove the defensive film from the controller and camera before use.

Product Description

Condition: New, Brand: Holy Stone, Type: Drone Ready to Fly, Manufacturer Warranty: No, Separate Package: No, Model Number: HS720, Connectivity: Remote Control, App Controller, Wi-Fi Connected, MPN: HS720, Maximum flight range: 1000 m (3280 ft), Maximum flight time: 26 minutes, Country/Region of Manufacture: China, Camera features: Quick start, Wide angle lens, Intelligent flight modes, Headless mode, HDR, HD 1080p video recording, 2.7 recording K HD video, 720p HD video recording, intelligent controller, 4K HD video recording, Product weight: 3.87 lbs.

What Attracts your Attention in the Holy Stone hs720 camera?

  • Compact, foldable and durable drone with an attractive carrying case.
  • Intuitive application for managing advanced features.
  • Well thought out a remote control with an informative LED display and reversible joystick functions.
  • Decent 2K cameras with remote angle adjustment.
  • High-capacity intelligent battery providing more than 25 minutes of flight time.
  • All the intelligent flight modes we could ever dream of (except obstacle avoidance).

Holy Stone HS720 Drone Control Guide

The HS720 drone comes with an elegant carrying case, a remote controller, and other necessary devices. Just open the bag, open the drone, insert a charged battery and turn it on to be ready for:

Time Off

One-button takeoff and landing may be standard on all but the cheapest drones these days, but the HS720 does it smoothly and consistently.

Automatic return is activated when the battery is low or the control signal is lost to bring the HS720 back to you using GPS. Please note, however, that the aircraft cannot avoid obstacles while flying autonomously, although the aircraft will climb approximately 30 meters before returning.

The emergency stop can be activated with a button on the remote control.

Intelligent Flight

In Follow Me and Orbit modes, the camera focuses on you or an object of interest to follow all the action. In addition, the Holy Stone HS720 drone has powerful motors, so it can reach good speed, allowing you to follow while running, cycling or even driving when you carry a remote control with you.

Get directions by setting waypoints on the app for the aircraft to follow.

Staying in place is possible thanks to the intelligent processing of signals from optical, gravity and GPS sensors that keep the drone stationary for aerial photography.

Eye in the Sky

HD photography with a 2k camera, adjustable angle and shock absorption gives good photos and videos that can be recorded to a micro SD card.

If you are within range, POV video streaming is possible via 5G Wi-Fi. Switch to split screen if you have a suitable 3D mask to hold your phone.

Long flight times of more than 25 minutes can be achieved thanks to the high-capacity intelligent battery.

Flight Control

The ergonomic remote control has additional buttons for one-touch takeoff and landing, return home, emergency stop, propeller lock/unlock, photo and video recording, camera angle adjustment, low and high-speed settings, and activating aircraft lights and GPS mode.

You can enable left-hand controls, which will reverse the joystick functions.

The LED display on the remote control shows information about the HS720’s relative distance and altitude, signal strength, GPS link, battery level, and current mode status.

You can install an easy-to-use application on your Apple or Android smartphone to control flight and advanced modes using the camera in real time.

Safe Flight Mode keeps the HS720 within range while you take control of the controls.

Although challenging, we must be practical and remember that the Holy Stone drone is not a high-end model. The lens’s resolution is double that of entry-level drones, and the designers shrewdly use brushless motors and “successful cushioning” to control video flicker. However, you’ll need to apply for more money if you want natural video stabilization, obstacle avoidance, and professional 4K shooting.

Features of the Holy Stone HS720 drone’s design

In more detail, let’s examine the Holy Stone HS720 drone’s technological configuration.

What is included?

Along with the drone and controller, you get spare parts, a USB cable, a charging station, and, as a bonus, a handy carrying case. Unfortunately, two AA batteries for the controller and a USB wall charger are not included.

The Holy Stone HS720 drone has an excellent build, but this increases the weight to almost half a kilogram without the battery inserted. However, we love how compact the drone is when folded, making it easy to pack into a backpack.

The motors are, of course, brushless, resulting in reduced noise, longer flight times and increased power. However, the lack of guards requires special attention when flying over or around obstacles.

Also in the box is a complete set of spare propellers with a matching screwdriver.

How do you fly the Holy Stone HS720 Drone?

The remote controller can control all the main functions of the HS720 drone. Your smartphone will add additional features with the help of the corresponding application, in addition to watching live videos.

The built-in LED display on the remote controller shows primary telemetry data, such as the number of GPS satellites and their signal strength, as well as the signal forte of the remote controller and aircraft connection and the corresponding battery level.

How is the Camera Operated?

The 2K (2048 x 1152P) camera transmits lower-quality footage for live streaming on the phone app and records straight to the integrated micro SD memory card (not supplied). The lens provides a 110-degree viewing angle. With a button on the remote control, you may change the viewing angle from 0 to 90 degrees.

How do Batteries get their Energy?

Out of the box, you get a battery and a charger that can hold up to two batteries if you bring one more. This might be a good idea as the charging time is 5-7 hours which is pretty standard for high-capacity batteries at this price level.

The remote controller will beep when the battery is low, and the aircraft lights will flash slowly. When the frequency of audible and visual signals increases, the battery is almost completely discharged.


The actual user experience was also examined in our Holy Stone drone review. Although several production problems that need to be resolved have been identified, owners of this model are typically quite happy. We haven’t heard any complaints regarding subpar customer service, and Holy Stone drones have a solid reputation. The HS720 drone’s simplicity of use, appropriate controller, lengthy battery life, folding design, and carrying bag are all highly regarded.

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