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Full Review Of Pc Matic Subscription

Pc Matic Subscription

Pc Matic Subscription is a decent antivirus that is easy to set up and use. It uses an allowlist to block malware, which works well, but often blocks legitimate programs.

The Windows and Mac subscription applications are fantastic. However, there is no iOS version, and the Android app could need some work (click here to check out the best antivirus for Android and iOS).

Although leading antivirus programs like Norton and McAfee have more sophisticated capabilities than Pc Matic subscription, it is less expensive, performs essential functions admirably, and provides a lifetime membership option. Additionally, it is accessible in 7 other languages, including English, German, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Security Features For Pc Matic Subscription

The Pc Matic subscription malware scanner uses an allowlist to prohibit malware. Unfortunately, this implies that a Pc Matic prevents apps not in a database of recognized “good” programs it maintains.

If the program is not on the Pc Matic list, it is automatically sent to the company’s testing team. If it proves to be safe, it will be allowed. You can manually set the program if you don’t want to wait for the Pc Matic team to check it.

Pc Matic argues blocklisting programs are ineffective because hackers constantly invent new pressures. The logic is that it’s calmer to keep track of good plans than new malware.

Sounds good, but there are two difficulties with this approach:

  1. Pc Matic subscription regularly blocks running programs. So if a program is not on the allowlist, a Pc Matic will stop it, regardless of whether it poses a real threat. Sure, the Pc Matic team looks at unknown programs, and you can allow them. However, receiving several false positives might be annoying.
  2. Pc Matic subscription frequently asserts that competing for antivirus software employs blocklists to block malware. Antivirus programs indeed use blocklists, but they also use other advanced methods to detect malicious behaviour. For example, premium antiviruses like Norton and Bitdefender use malware databases, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and block new and sophisticated fears.

Pc Matic subscription also has a feature that notices malicious script activity, malware that, unlike a .exe file, does not need to be downloaded. It also protects against brute-force attacks, where a hacker tries to guess users’ logins and passwords by thinking them.

Pc Matic subscription’s approach to malware detection isn’t wrong, but it’s not perfect either. I want a Pc Matic to find a better way to separate safe and unknown programs from dangerous and unknown threats. However, I agree that an antivirus program should show false positives than false negatives. And I can’t say that the Pc Matic approach doesn’t work, as it did an excellent job blocking all types of malware during my tests.

Pc Matic Subscription Report And Cleanup

Once the scan is complete, the Pc Matic subscription provides a detailed, colour-coded report with descriptions and recommendations.

There is a ton of information in the report, and although some employees may find it very useful, I was honestly overwhelmed. After carefully reading the instructions on the dashboard, I figured out what each colour meant (for example, red for issues requiring immediate action, grey for skipped scans, and dark blue for minor changes). But I think the relationship should be much more transparent and easier to understand.

Although fixing any issues discovered is advised, I had to uncheck one option—disk defragmentation—because my SSD drive is solid-state. Users of SSDs are advised not to employ defragmentation by experts. However, the Pc Matic documented that I had an SSD disk throughout the scan. Thus I was shocked that it even gave me this choice. However, I appreciate that I could turn off this feature.

Pc Matic subscription solved all the problems in a couple of minutes. Then, he advised me to restart my computer and run another scan to ensure no more issues. I followed the instructions, and the Pc Matic found no new problems.

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Pc Matic Subscription Easy To Use And Set Up

Pc Matic subscription is straightforward to use: it has a very intuitive interface, and all its functions are easily accessible and understandable.

The best part is that the Pc Matic  will do all the work for you. You don’t need to use advanced features or manage complex anti-malware settings. For this reason, a Pc Matic is a perfect choice for beginners and non-tech-savvy users who want a minimalistic antivirus that can be installed and forgotten.

The Pc Matic membership is offered in more languages besides English, such as Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, which is also lovely.

It was simple to install and set up the Pc Matic membership. After purchasing a Pc Matic Home Security membership, I was led to the official website’s introduction page. Before installing the program, I could watch tutorials, how-to videos, and frequently asked questions. After clicking the “Install Pc Matic subscription” button, I was asked to choose my operating system. Despite having “PC” in the name, the Pc Matic runs on Windows, Android, and Mac.

After selecting Windows, I had to click the Download button, confirm that I had removed all other antivirus programs from my system, and follow the installation instructions. After the installation, I was asked to launch a Pc Matic and log into my account. And that’s it: the installation is complete!

Can I Use Pc Matic Subscription On My Mobile Phone?

Pc Matic subscription works on Windows, Mac and Machine but is not compatible with iOS.

The android app is quite simple but works well. It provides malware protection but lacks the useful device optimization tools included in the desktop version. However, it’s still excellent for users looking for a mobile antivirus that’s easy to install and forget.

But you won’t be able to use a Pc Matic subscription on your phone if you have an iPhone. So I advise you to look at the top iOS antivirus programs that defend against various cybersecurity dangers to safeguard your iPhone.

Is Pc Matic Subscription Free?

No, the Pc Matic doesn’t have a free version, which is disappointing. However, you can try the Pc Matic risk-free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are observing a free antivirus program, you can try one of the best free antivirus 2022.

On the other hand, a Pc Matic  to Home Security is a good choice if you’re ready to invest a few dollars on a premium antivirus. Includes device optimization and anti-malware technologies. One of the few antivirus programs with a lifetime subscription is the Pc Matic .

Is Pc Matic Subscription Safe?

Yes. An allowlist is used by Pc Matic , a highly safe antivirus tool, to find viruses. Even though it doesn’t employ some of the most robust antivirus technology available, it did exceptionally well in my malware testing.

Instead of the traditional blocklist used by most antiviruses, Pc Matic has a list of “good” programs. Then, it blocks the implementation of files not on this allowlist, including various kinds of malware. Unfortunately, while this unique approach works, Pc Matic also stops legitimate programs.

I think getting false positives regularly is pretty annoying. Also, I wouldn’t say I like that Pc Matic has few internet protections in the best internet security packages like Norton 360 or McAfee Total Protection.

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What Is Pc Matic Subscription Magnum?

Pc Matic subscription Magnum is a program that eliminates sensitive info from your browser and device. Permanently delete browsing history, download history, cache, image cache and cookies, and can also delete MS Office and PDF files.

The Pc Matic subscription Magnum can be purchased separately or as an addition to the Pc Matic package. It refuges up to 5 devices and is a good program, but many leading internet security companies like Norton offer data removal tools as part of their antivirus plans.


PC Matic Subscription is an intriguing application all around. However, with its optimization focus, it is peculiar in comparison to other AV suites and will require some getting used to. That’s not only because of the allow list method, which may be troublesome; even something as straightforward as manually conducting a virus scan requires more user involvement than competing suites. But for $50 for five devices, it may be attractive to those searching for a cheap antivirus package.

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